Everything starts
with an idea


From the startup phase to the ultimate success story

ImoKasa is a leading, exclusive real estate company which has in it’s portfolio hundreds of luxury houses, block appartments and modern penthouses. When they first came to us, ImoKasa was just a small real estate firm with a concept and some clients. Our agency’s goal was to put their idea into reality and to create an online marketplace containing all their properties. Here the user could find, through some specialised and detailed filters, in fine detail all about each property of interest, including high quality photos and even plans. Thus we provided help to win a good part of their competition market, with the exclusivity and stylish user experience we delivered into the final product. For all this to happen we created a strong and successful brand for this business to nlight their superiority.

  • Concept
  • UX / UI
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Online Portal
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Web Product
  • A/B Testing
  • Database Structure
  • CMS Workflows
  • Smart Search
  • Responsive
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“As a startup we were surprised to see how nLight Media’s Team read our minds. Promptness, professionalism and embodying exactly what we desired were the seeds for a healthy collaboration. Vital water is the ongoing technical support.”

Cristina Popa, Owner, Imokasa

Near to the users heart, easy to fulfill the dream

Finding the dream home requires a lot of time and inspiration. We know that people usually lack them. Therefore we created the mobile version of ImoKasa. So it is available everytime and everywhere when you find a moment to relax and step into the cosiness of the “nest of your dreams and hopes”. Every time in your pocket, with all the features from the main site but wrapped up in a clean, easy and intuitive interface that makes you discover new architectural and interior designs. We created and optimized the navigational menu and took care to the special conversion points on the users journey.

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