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VOXST is now the biggest online fashion store which holds over 1200 brands. VOXST management came to us with the idea to bring as many clothes as possible into one place, so every fashion magnate could find a perfect fit for any day, any circumstance and any occasion. We managed to launch the website with over 1 million clothes and accessories for man and woman and the number is increasing daily. For such a gigantic amount of articles a fine and strong database structure was needed using cutting edge technologies. To exceed the competitors, the big number of articles wasn’t enough so we created an artificial intelligence search engine capable learning patterns, interpreting search strings and finding the best results for each individual. The focus on user experience was a priority to embed the complex backend algorythms into a simple, intuitively and useful journey through the millions of articles.

  • Concept
  • UX / UI
  • Motion Graphics
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Branding
  • Web Product
  • eCommerce
  • Smart Search
  • Visual Identity
  • Marketing Campaigns
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“We were lost in a jungle of products. We needed a guide. Thanks to nLight Media’s efforts now we have a highway in this jungle.”

Stefan Cioca, Co-Founder, VOXST

Using mobile devices as the main sales magnet

VOXST plan from the beginning was to get as close as possible to the customers heart. This was achieved by making it accessible from anywhere, on any device. We converted the immersive desktop experience, including the main functionalities, on the mobile devices. We also managed to optimize and prioritize the database searches to provide a similar instant result as in the desktop version. With a classy design, smart features and the biggest collection of clothes VOXST provides an outstanding user experience among the eCommerce fashion websites.

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